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Where It  All Started

As soon as we laid eyes on each other, something clicked. Everyone says that when you know, it just feels different, and that’s exactly how it was between us. And now - one apartment, a joint house purchase, countless worldwide trips and even more dates later - we’re thrilled to take the first step in building a future together. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


Our Story

Without giving too much away (we will save that for wedding speeches), we met at The Village Inn, Birmingham on 21 December 2018 and that meeting straddled into 22 December 2022...! Jad was due to move to London to start a new job so went out with a few friends for his leaving drinks. We clicked straightaway and within a few weeks, we'd already left the country for our first holiday abroad to Barcelona. A few weeks after that, our relationship blossomed and Jad asked Craig to move to London. And the rest, as they say, is history!


Our Engagement

Jad knew he was going to propose to Craig for a long time but he was waiting for the right moment to ask the question. For Craig's 31st Birthday, Jad surprised Craig with a trip to Paris. Craig had never been and was over the moon when he found out on the day of the trip. During the trip, with the engagement ring hidden away in his bag, Jad was agonising over how to ask him. The moment felt right just before midnight before Craig's Birthday when Jad got on one knee on the balcony of our hotel overlooking the Eiffel Tower...and of course, he said YES!

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